Over the years, the themes of EIITF has been chosen in sync with the rapid progress of globalization and trade openness and increased interest of researchers in the associated fields. The main aim of the Conference is to bring the scholars together, working in such fields so that they can exchange knowledge and gain from each other’s experience.

Following are the themes and sub-themes for this years conference :

Transactional level analysis

Transactional level analysis of international trade. This may include transaction Cost- Trade logistics, transportation costs, etc.

Finance & Global Recession

Global recession & Finance. This may include contagion effect of global recession, European crisis and its impact on international trade, Currency swap, Exchange Volatility and trade, Commodityand product pricing and Implications for world economy, Foreign Portfolio Investment and growth.

Trade facilitation

Trade facilitation. This may include Global treaties, Trade agreements, Institutional Quality: Trade and growth, Trade procedures and documentation, Foreign trade policies and role of trade promotion organizations and related aspects.

Functional level analysis

Functional level analysis. This will include Trade and international production networks, Quality and trade, Gender Inequality & trade, Sustainability issues in trade, Country branding and its implications on international marketing, Emerging economies and Trade flows, Internationalization of SMEs from India, Agricultural markets and international trade and any other contemporary themes.

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