Past Programmes

Being a catalyst for new ideas and concepts, IIFT undertook an academic initiative in 2008 to organise a Research Conference with an aim to provide a platform for academic debate, discourse and knowledge-sharing on different dimensions of Empirical Issues in International Trade and Finance (EIITF).

The bi-annual EIITF Conferences are conducted alternatively in Delhi and Kolkata. Since inception, four EIITF conferences have been held so far. The First Conference was held in IIFT Kolkata in December 2008. The Second one was held in IIFT Delhi in December 2010, the third conference in IIFT Kolkata during January 2013 and subsequently the fourth one was held in Dec. 2014 in Delhi.  

Academic discussions in the past four  EIITF Conferences were greatly enriched by the presence of renowned academicians in differenced specializations of trade and finance like, Prof. Richard Baldwin (Graduate Institute, Geneva), Prof. Jeffrey H. Bergstrand (University of Notre Dame), Prof. Maitreesh Ghatak ( London School of Economics), Prof. Geeta Gopinath (Harvard University), Dr. Bernard Hoekman (World Bank), Prof. Kala M. Krishna (Pennsylvania State University), Dr. Will Martin (World Bank), Dr. Mia Mikic (UNESCAP), Dr. C. Rangarajan (Former RBI Governor and the then Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council), Prof. Partha Sen (Delhi School of Economics),   Dr. Ganeshen Wignaraja (Asian Development Bank Institute). Prof. Alan V. Deardorff (University of Michigan), Prof. Graciela Chichilnisky (Columbia University), Prof. Jim Rollo, (University of Sussex)  and Dr. Hildegunn Kyvik NordÃ¥s (OECD, Paris).

The fifth Conference will be held at IIFT Kolkata Campus during 16-17th December, 2016 (Friday and Saturday).

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